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Your Impact Story

  • Thank you for agreeing to share the impact our work has had and for taking the time to complete this feedback document. This information may be used on our website/social media pages and/or to share with funders, charities and other organisations to evidence the impact of our work.
  • Please give us much detail as you wish when completing the 3 sections below:
  • Background of participant

  • Background of participant (Prior to engaging with our sessions) - examples of things to include below:
    • - Additional needs
    • - Social issues
    • - Physical activity engagement (minutes of physical activity per week)
    • - Emotional wellbeing
    • - Attitude to sport/physical activity (individual sports / group activities)
    Please write whatever you wish to
  • Impact of attending the session/s

  • Some examples of things to include below:
    • - Improved confidence
    • - Improved attitude to sport/physical activity
    • - Improved well being
    • - Improved social interaction
    • - Improved physical activity engagement
    • - Improved physical health
  • Moving forward

  • Some examples of things to include below:
    • - Would like to join more sessions because…
    • - Now more confident to engage with other activities like…
    • - More confident to socially interact in other environments like…
  • If completing this form on behalf of a participant, please confirm your relationship to them here
  • optionally, please let us know your email address so that we can respond to this impact story!

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