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Sport For Fun

Bristol A physical activity session for ALL children regardless of their background, ability or needs. The main aim is for children to have fun and build confidence and social skills through the platform of sport.  Saratoga Springs *Staff: participant ratios are low to enable the highest quality provision and to cater for a range of learning needs.

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For 11-18 year olds

Online & Active

A weekly physical activity club for 5-18 year olds.

Participants will be encouraged to engage with physical activity alongside providing a social platform. Participant earn points each week be simply attending and can claim a prize at the end pf the programme.

http://peterabbott.co.uk/contact-us/  Delivered on Zoom

Ages – 5- 18

For 5-16 years olds

Inclusive Tennis

Inclusive tennis sessions to introduce the fundamentals of tennis and to foster a love of being active.

Ages – 5 – 16

to Support Children’s Emotional Development

Special Yoga

Aims and Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop an understanding of how to use yoga therapeutically in bringing the physical and emotional body into balance.
  • To understand how yoga can be used to restore health and well-being, improve digestion, metabolism and enhance the immune system.
  • To understand how to use yoga as a daily ‘sensory diet’.
  • To gather practical ideas for implementing yoga as 1:1 intervention or as small group therapy.
  • All the above will be delivered and with a consideration of working with children with additional needs such as ADHDH and Autism.

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